Ever since the craze of  별에서 온 그대 I have been wanting to try the  치맥 (Chimaek) combo for the long...

Satisfying 치맥 cravings at NaruOne

Ever since the craze of 별에서 온 그대 I have been wanting to try the 치맥 (Chimaek) combo for the longest time. I must say that for a person that usually hates the taste of western beer, fried chicken with korean beer tastes pretty decent but definitely not worth the hype it calls for. We ordered a half half boneless fried chicken meal which consisted of the normal friend chicken and one that was coated in spicy sauce. We got boneless because we were ceebs about using our hands haha. We also got the bulgogi hot pot which was massive. The portions were pretty good and 3 people could not finish the food, and we really did try our best. I personally loved the chicken with the spicy sauce, so good. The banchan was decent but not really the best. I did hear that the service was pretty bad here and I admit that maybe because it was lunch and not dinner so the place wasn't so busy yet, but the services was okay or rather... the lack of service really... The prices are actually quite expensive when you compare it to the korean restaurants in the suburbs but then again it is in the city so maybe that contributes to it. 

xoxo P.

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